The Etiquette Institute of Louisville, social etiquette and table manners for your child.
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Manners for Young Men, table manners and social etiquette for boys.
"Thank you Ms. Joan Sue for teaching me about manners and proper etiquette."

"I learned a lot, and my tie knots look better than they ever have."

"Not only did I learn social skills, but I had fun doing it."

"Thank you again for knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

The Etiquette Institute, social etiquette and table manners for your child.

Manners For Young Men

Social etiquette and table manners for young men, ages 6 - 12.

Manners For Young Men helps young boys to learn the social etiquette, personal grooming, and table manners that can help them to become confident, self-assured young gentlemen.
Young boys are shown the importance of first impressions, personal style, and good posture when they sit, stand and walk. They will also learn about the importance of a handshake and tips on making introductions and conversation. Manners for Young Men also teaches telephone manners, table manners and other simple courtesies, including learning to say the magic words of "please", "you're welcome" and "thank you".

Manners for Young Men: Course Outline
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